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As promised, a snippet from one of my Kindle books. This is a section from Spanish Trails, my favorite of the three I have written thus far. Please feel free to comment. I welcome all feedback.

James sat up quickly and grabbed his flashlight and shone it on the floor.  The seam he had found was about four feet long and ran straight out from the altar. He scooted around for a better look and noticed another groove just like the first. Again it was about four feet in length and ended at the altar. James jumped up and moved to the other side. There were no marks on the floor. The only explanation was that the altar had been made to move repeatedly. James slipped the flashlight in his pocket and placed both hands on the altar and pushed. Nothing happened. He dug a little deeper this time and pushed as hard as he could. The altar didn’t budge.

“Guys, come help me push this thing,” He called to Sam and Billy who had been watching him curiously. Both boys stood beside him and on the count of three they all pushed as hard as they could. Still nothing moved. “There has to be a way to get it to move,” James said excitedly. “See those grooves in the floor? That’s what they are for. Has to be.”

“Oh come on, you’re not really doing that again are you?” Billy sounded annoyed.

“Doing what?” James answered.

“You know…the Scooby Doo thing. Always something about secret doorways and all that…”

James laughed slightly. “It worked once before if you remember.” James said referring to a cave that they had stumbled upon that had a hidden switch set into the floor to reveal a secret entrance.

“Right, and the odds of that happening more than once is what?”

“How should I know? I will let you know when I figure it all out.” James finished smugly.

“Ok well you figure it out and I will document your failure. Sam, does this thing take video?” Sam shook his head no. “That’s ok, pictures worth a thousand words right?” Then Billy started snapping pictures of James on his hands and knees crawling around the altar. James scurried around all four sides pushing here and pulling there but finding no buttons or leavers. He had just made it around the front again when Billy snapped another picture. James was about to yell at him again until he realized what he had just seen.

He grabbed his flashlight and held it close to the front of the altar. He smile spread across his face knowing he might have just found what he was looking for. Underneath the wooden cross was a small groove in the wood. It was very small and not very deep making it almost impossible to see unless you knew what to look for. He traced his fingers over the wood panel. Most of it was rough and splintery. Then he traced the groove with his finger. It was smooth to the touch.

James turned his head and looked up at Billy, “How much did you say a picture is worth?” he asked. Then placed his hand on top of the cross and slid it down with a click.

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