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Book four of the Treasure Hunter series available on Kindle is underway. I spent allot of time over the weekend working the story. It is still pretty rough, but I think the story is starting to unfold nicely. Book four I wanted to be a little different. If a series is going to progress, then the characters must as well. Tentative title is Below the Battlements. One of the most important things about a book is its hook and synopsis. While I write my books I continually work on these as I go. Since the story often changes as I write, so to must the hook and summary. Below are the first drafts for the new book. I thought I would share them with you and see what you think. As the book continues to move forward I will continue to share snippets as we go.


The secret has been locked in a vault for sixty years, forgotten to all but a few. Now facing exposure, James must fight alongside a secret society in order to keep them safe.


While vacationing with his parents, James befriends a mysterious girl that leads him underground into the realms of a secret society. Unbeknownst to James, his entry into their world is a death sentence as his presence unsettles the societies belief system. The cause of sudden chaos, James is locked in a cell, never to be released. But when one man threatens to expose them all, James is called on by the society to help save their lives.

So after reading the hook and synopsis, do you want to know more? As writers and readers, what pulls you into a book?

Keep writing.

D.B. Flint


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