Mark Your Calanders

Greetings readers and writers,

While a project may take time from start to finish, there are a lot of times in between where I go through and not so much edit…but reflect on how the story is going so far. I do not like to start my editing process to soon because you never know how a small tidbit of information might turn into something different later on. So by not revising to soon i generally have an option or two that can take the story a little further. I tell you this because this weekend I will be reflecting on the first part of the new book. Tuesday the 21st, I am going to find my favorite part so far and post it here in my blog for you all. No one but me has seen this new material. I am excited to share this with you and to know what you think. After you read it, for anyone that wants, I will be available for questions and comments. You can respond in the blog itself or use my contacts page to email me.

See you on the 21st,


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