800 Words

Today is one of those days where I am grasping at straws. My mind is twisting through ideas, but nothing is making it onto the page. Maybe it’s because the gloom that has settled over the valley. Maybe I just need to get my fix of Mt. Dew. Regardless of the reason, here I am tapping away on the keys. As I have mentioned before, a writer needs to write. I have a personal goal I set for myself each day. It doesn’t matter if my brain playing nice or not, I don’t stop writing until I reach 800 words. I realize that doesn’t seem like much. But for those of you that doubt it, try it. 800 words are easy on the days when the planets align and inspiration flows. Let’s face it boys and girls, those days just don’t happen often. So 800 words is a realistic mark for me.

Notice I don’t refer to my 800 words as a “goal”. A goal is more of a guideline to keep us focused on the prize. If you don’t reach your goal…well at least you tried right? Wrong! 600 words is not close enough. 799 words isn’t close enough. 800, no excuses. I don’t have goals, I have commitments and deadlines. Now, I am the first to admit, that some pretty crappy writing has come out of my 800 words. Short stories I will never use, journal entries, essays worthy of a 1st grader and so on. Those pages I file away into my misc. file for later. In a couple weeks’ time I plan to write and share a short story that is going to be built out of my misc. file. The plan is to take random pieces and pull them into one cohesive piece. Best case scenario I have a semi decent piece of fiction. Worst case scenario, I have a just added more crap to my misc. file.

As a side note, those of you that keep your writings or a journal, good for you. For those of you that don’t, it is time to start. I will share with you my reasons for journal writing in my next post so make sure you check back. Until then, write like you mean it.

D.B Flint