Because I Like To

Somebody asked me today what got me into writing. My first thought was that I have no idea. “It’s something I just sorta fell into ha ha…” Right, because that’s how it happens. After a million answers ran through my head in less than a second, my only honest response was, “I do it because I enjoy it.” For the first time in my life I can actually say I have a job I enjoy. Scarier still, it’s the truth.  So much of life we spend doing things we must do, instead of things we want to do. Of course to do the things we want, we usually have no choice but to do the other things as well. After that small conversation, the writer in me went off on a tangent. I completely blocked the rest of my time at the local Chevron and I retreated into my own brain. I was curious how many things I do, just for the sake of liking to do them. Sadly, my list was semi short.

Writing and fishing topped my list, as well as books, and followed closely by movies and music. What surprised me is the things I thought I did for fun, Netflix, Youtube, Best Fiends, (highly addictive game) were all things done out of boredom rather than enjoyment. I tell myself I like to cook, but I don’t really. I just like to eat. Lucky for me that food is a want and a need. I used to claim that family gave me the most joy in life. And that held true until I got a teenage daughter. (I’m Kidding Bug, don’t go all Hulk on me). So what else is on my list? I’m not sure yet. Much soul searching will be needed to create an honest list. It is totally in the works though. So now it’s your turn. I gave you my top five: writing, fishing, reading, music, and movies. What is on your list? Tell me in the comments or contact me directly. What is it you do because you like to? Oh yeah, Netflix and Chill does not count. That’s too easy. Hopefully reading is on your list, (Wink, Wink).

D.B. Flint