Book 5 Already???

I had an exciting thing happen I wanted to share with you. I know in the past I have mentioned not getting to far ahead of yourself on a project. For the most part I practice what I preach. However, last weekend I took a trip to the desert to look at Native American artifacts, and do some hiking and rock hounding. Sitting atop a cliff by an old dwelling, I got slapped upside the head for my next book. I left book three, Spanish Trails, open at the end because I knew I wanted to write another book. When it came time to write book four, my brain took me in a completely different direction. I think when I am writing, that following my gut helps my process so I went with it. At any rate, I now know the direction book five is headed and I am jumping out of my skin excited.

We are creative writers because we love taking something, anything, and pulling a story out of it. It is why we do what we do. For me it’s almost an adrenaline dump. It’s exciting! Whoo! The creative part of my brain is firing on all cylinders and I love it. The tough part now comes in controlling my excitement long enough to finish my current projects. Sigh! I am sure every one of you go through the same thing from time to time. It’s tough to keep grinding when new ideas come to mind. But, I have my journal which I have already jotted a few notes in, and will continue to do so until it’s time to write. So, advice today…stay focused on the now, but prepare for the future. Meaning don’t abandon every project when new ideas come along. Stay the course, all the while, begin preparing for the next step by journal writing and research.

Thank you for letting me share my excitement.

D.B. Flint