Book List

Who’s childhood would be complete without the writings of Dr. Seuss? Certainly not mine. I have two books to add to the list today. One of them being The Sneetches, the other being Green Eggs and Ham. Both classics in my opinion. Not only were these books fun to read, but they had a good message embedded in them as well. They were also books I could read again and again and never tire of. When my daughter was little, the books I loved, she in turn began to love. I think this is partially because rhyming is fun, but also I tend to get a little carried away when reading these books aloud.

51sWLU2powL._SX364_BO1,204,203,200_The Sneetches is a story that reminds us that regardless of our differences, no one type of person is better than the other. A story that was inspired by Dr. Seuss’s own beliefs on discrimination. Through a children’s book, he was able to achieve the goal of voicing his opinion as well as teaching the next generation about hate. The thought of something simple as having a star or not would be enough to segregate people seems ludicrous until you look around and see that it happens every day. Writing is an important tool in getting what we want to say out to the masses.



Green Eggs and Ham is the definition of creative writing. How many of us could write a bestselling book using only 50 different words? Sounds impossible, but Dr. Seuss did just that. Green Eggs and Ham was based around a bet that Theodore Geisel, aka, Dr. Seuss could not write a book using 50 words or less. Not only did he win the bet, but it became one of his most popular books. If you read closely, Dr. Seuss implanted several important messages within its pages. None more important than, how will you know what you can achieve, if you never try to begin with?

Remember when writing stories of your own, that you can’t succeed if you never try.