Empty Spaces

The inspiration for Below The Battlements (a treasure hunter novel) is from the time I visited an abandoned military world war one fort. I knew right away that I wanted to place a story inside of that fort. Stories are all about details. Is there too many? Is there enough? Are the details pertinent, or just senseless imagery? Since I can’t just hop in the car and go back to the fort, which is 800 miles from my house, I am relying on memory and pictures. I thought I would share a little snippet from the book, along with a couple of pictures to give you an idea of what is in my head. Vogelsang Soviet Military Nuclear Base Abandoned Berlin-1210352

The low single level structures were made of cement and metal. James thought it curious to put metal on everything when all it would do is rust in this kind of weather. Metal ladders, bars on windows, doors, all of them different shades of rusty-brown. All of the concrete was covered with green moss and dark-colored lichen giving it a natural camouflage. Maybe that was the general idea, but James doubted it. A place like this would have been created for an effective defensive position. The concrete and iron all over would have been cheap and durable.


The sound he heard was Cora turning the wheel releasing the tumblers and opening the big door.

As you can tell from this post, not everything comes straight from the imagination. Many good details come from real life. This is important when writing. We want our readers to be able to visualize in their minds, the pictures and experiences we see in our own when writing.

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Happy writing.

D.B. Flint