Writing Promt

I hit a slow spot today in my writing creative. Unable to find the reset button on my brain, I went to my fall back. I dug through the internet searching for something strange to wrap my brain around. I found this story intriguing. I am not a big believer in ghosts, but I love ghost stories. I was such a fan of Scooby Doo. Actually, I’m still a fan. So anyway, this story about a haunted mirror is kind of cool. C6qjAJcVsAAJKP7

It gives me all sorts of ideas. Of course the thought of trapped souls in a mirror is nothing new. It has been used in legends and myths for centuries. What intrigued me today was the idea of getting a part of a soul stuck inside of an object. I would like to start toying with different things other than mirrors or windows.

The mirror at the Myrtle plantation is supposed to hold the souls of a mother and two daughters who were poisoned and died. It is common for people to see the hand prints of the dead girls. People have also seen images of the three dead women in the warped glass of the mirror. Check out the story and see if it gets your own brain going. For instance, I was thinking of odd things to get my soul stuck in, like a soda can, or a piece of food knowing you only had so long, before you were to be eaten. How about a candle that has been lit, but knows that its wick is only so long, so what would I do in the five hours it takes to burn down. I love thinking about all of the fun ways to be creative.

Has this inspired you to be creative?

D.B. Flint