Talk About Story Ideas!

You may have noticed my posts have been sporadic the past couple weeks. Fear not, I am still here doing what I always do, with some minor changes. The one that is taking most of my time currently are the new additions to my family. Those that know me well, know that I am a believer in family first. To that I introduce you all to the Magpies, (Individual names still in the works). They were found by a neighbor after falling from their nest. Not wanting to take care of them, they soon found their way into my house. Magpies are native here so my hope is to get them to maturity then turn them loose. My daughter has other plans. Either way, it has been an exciting undertaking so far.20170518_133840.jpg

I will say this however, I have never in my life heard such a racket as when they are hungry. And they are always hungry. 20170518_133631.jpg

Now for the inspiration for your creative writing. The Magpie is seen as an omen in many cultures. Although most people believe it is an ill omen, some believe it a sign of love. Lets be serious though, ill omens are far better for story telling. What would Edgar Allen Poe think of a clutch of Magpies found in his parlor? How would the great Stephen King use a Magpie in one of his thrillers? I myself have already seen an image of a tattered old man with a Magpie on his shoulder as his one true companion. Perhaps in my story, it is not the Magpie that is an omen, but the man.

How would a story go if the Magpie was a manifestation of a broken soldiers mind after seeing his comrades being feasted on after battle, whispering in his ear the ways of revenge? Endless possibilities. Just another example of how you can take an ordinary thing, and spin it to an extraordinary story.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be working on my own short story of the Magpie. who knows, maybe it will be a three page best seller. Strange things are said to happen when a Magpie is witnessed.

Last thought, if you want to help me name them send me some suggestions via email or comment below. Lets see how creative you can be.20170518_133846

D.B. Flint