Fact or Fiction

Utah summers are particularly hot and dry. This year is no exception. Combine the heat, with humans, and the end result is generally wild-fire. One such fire is consuming hundreds of acres by the day. Yesterday I drove within sight of the huge plume of smoke that was rising in the distance. Although I was over fifty miles away, I couldn’t help but be awestruck at the sheer size. The 8000-foot-tall mountains were dwarfed below the smoke. Seeing the smoke made my brain wander to thoughts of what it must be like watching a volcano erupt, or better still, a waking dragon.brian-head-fire-2017-06-20

I have never been one to write about dragons, but I have read plenty of books that have dragons in them. My thoughts go back to a movie however, and not a book. Reign of Fire. A movie about waking a dragon in modern times. I believe that most legends and myths have some facts tied to them. Some little kernel of truth. What may sound preposterous today, may have been fact a thousand years ago. Let me give you a “for instance”. The sea serpent. The stuff or stories and legends, right? Every culture that has sailed the oceans has some form of sea serpent in their history. We scoff at the idea today because as smart as we are, we would have found it by now. Renowned fisherman and biologist Jeremy Wade, set out to prove whether or not a sea serpent was something real, or something cooked up by fear and imagination.

In the Mediterranean Sea, he had a close encounter with an Oarfish. A large serpent like fish that can grow to over fifty feet long. What was once a creature only of legend has now been proven to be a live creature roaming the ocean depths. So, would it really be that far-fetched to believe that a dragon could exist? Perhaps the idea lies in belief. Once we as people stop believing in things, does that mean they do not exist? Sounds like a good argument for a philosophy class, but I do have a point. In creative writing, we can write about anything and everything. All we need is an idea, and an imagination good enough to breathe life into that idea. What if the smoke on the mountain was a dragon? If I tell you it’s a dragon will you believe me? Of course not. What I need to do is convince you. Paint a picture that is so real, and fascinating that you will want to believe. And once you believe in something, anything is possible.

Find your dragon, and make people believe.

D.B. Flint