Creative Writing Decisions.

So, this is a link from another blog I felt was semi-relevant. A short story about the way a single moment can echo throughout the rest of our lives. And I use the analogy of an echo, as opposed to ripple, because an echo is something that is cast out only to return sometime later. However, on its return it isn’t the same, it has been altered in some way. When we write, we make the decisions of what our characters do. We choose who lives or dies. We choose the one villain that stabs his best friend in the back. At some point in our stories, those decisions become relevant to our characters. Action vs. reaction. Think of some of your favorite books. Was there some part of the story where a character made a decision that affected their outcome later in the story? Remember that a consequence doesn’t always mean it had a negative result. Not every learning experience we have is bad. Sometimes they are hilarious. Use those experiences in your writing to bring life to your characters.