The Book Thief

I just finished this book. Amazing. I am half tempted to go through it again in hopes of discovering more content. For now I will just be happy that I took the time to read it in the first place. It has helped open my eyes to a new author (new to me) and his unique style of writing. Among the many lines, I found one more quote that really stuck with me.

“I witness the ones that are left behind, crumbled among the jigsaw puzzles of realization, despair, and surprise. They have punctured hearts. They have beaten lungs.”

The realization that true suffering is not dying, but living with the death of another. A journey through life will always end in death. It is the nature of all things.  My fear is not in my own death, but that of the ones I love. The heartache of losing people close to us is something I believe we all wish to avoid. But, face it we must.

For inspirations sake, take time to live in each moment as it presents itself. Don’t worry about tomorrow until it gets here.

D.B. Flint