It was late. It had been a long day and my eyes were tired. My only view the lines on the road with the occasional flash of green from the eyes of other night wanderers. You have to remember it is nearing the end of August in Utah. Imagine my surprise when I begin to see snow flakes drifting in front of the headlights. A snow storm in the heat of summer would quite literally be like trying to make ice cream in hell.

My first instinct is to check outside. The sky is painted with the thousands of stars that dot a country sky. It has been a summer of fires. Perhaps ash is drifting through the atmosphere, looking to find a resting place along a lonely highway. Searching the black horizon there was no tell-tale glow of a burning forest.

It wasn’t until I was almost to my bed that the mysterious storm began to make sense. The 18-wheeler to the front kicked up a flurry in its scurrying backwash. It was only then I noticed the truck was in fact carrying a load of turkeys. The winter snow was in fact the delicate white plumage of the thousands of birds on a long haul.

This is just another example of how creative writing works. Limitless freedom. the imagination has no boundaries. Therefore what we see, or feel can be altered to fit our purposed reality. Challenge time. Find something ordinary, and make it extraordinary. Then share it.

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D.B. Flint