I did it!

Late nights, neglecting my family, carpel tunnel, and 5 extra pounds of caramel popcorn bingeing, but has been worth it. Book four in the Treasure Hunters has just graduated to the editing phase. I can’t describe how nice it is to have this rough draft finished. It is still going to require a lot of work since the story deviated several times. Fill in the gaps and clean it up and it will be ready for the presses. 54,000 words…YAY!!!


This calls for a celebration. Mt. Dew and Crunch and Munch, here I come. Don’t judge, I like simple pleasures. It also means I am taking a week off of writing on this particular book to let my mind rest. Fear not, I will still be here to randomly post on my blogs. I just had to share my excitement.

D.B. FLint