September 11th

I had just gotten off a long, 12 hour graveyard shift. Generally I took an hour to wind down before heading to bed. A plate of eggs, over easy, with a side of toast. Many mornings my little girl would come and sit with me and we would eat eggs and watch Spongebob. That morning was different. I turned the television on just after the first airplane hit the tower. It took me a second of watching before I realized what I was seeing was happening now, on my own soil. I roused my sleeping wife, “Come here, you’ve got to see this…” I said half dragging her into the family room.

Together we watched in silence. The second airplane seeming to move in slow motion as it struck the second tower. Smoke billowing, people falling, then the collapse. Time was lost. I don’t recall a word spoken between my wife and I. We watched helplessly as thousands of lives were lost. Every one of them meant something to someone, a father, a mother, a daughter, a son.

Let us not forget that united, we are strong. In the face of adversity we overcame. In an act of cruelty, we did not turn away. We stood strong. We stood proud. We stand Free.

D.B. Flint