Take The Time To Edit Your Writing.

I have a case of the editing blues. Probably the most important aspect of any written work lies in its editing.  Not to say that I don’t enjoy the process, I just get over excited at finishing whatever it is I am working on and want to get it out to readers as soon as possible. Have you ever peeled an onion? That’s what editing is. It took care and time to grow this onion from a small bulb. It needed to be fed and cared for. You added nutrients and water to help give it substance. The finished product, a perfect onion. Then just as you think all your work is finished, you tear through the rough outer layer and start slicing up the insides, layer by layer. And yes, at times it even makes you cry. However, when you are finished, you end up with something better than you started with. Like fajitas, I love fajitas.

Point is, it is a necessary part of the process. Necessary for you, as the writer. There are ways around this barbaric action. After all, that’s what some editors do. Ask yourself, do you want someone else co-writing your novel or short story? Do you want other people changing your words, your characters to suit their own desires? Of course not. So why let someone else tear down what you have worked so hard to create? If you take shortcuts in your writing, sooner, or later, it may have a way of coming back to bite you. Any piece you write should never see the desk of an editor until your second, hopefully, the third draft. Unless you are that one exception, it’s a good rule of thumb to abide by. You want to be a good writer? Start by becoming a good #editor.