The Utah Symphony: Creating Magic

I had the opportunity to see a performance from the Utah Symphony with my daughter. The Utah Symphony has a program where they perform at schools across Utah. For starters, it was amazing. The numbers they performed were designed to highlight each section of the symphony at different times. The conductor walked us through a magical hour of discovering sound. As I sat and listened, my mind was immediately drawn back to my childhood, when Disney created Fantasia.

I closed my eyes, focusing on a singular instrument, or section. I was able to see lively images in my head as I allowed myself to be lost in sound. Just as Creative writing is my art form, it was music that was the symphonies. Art that, at times, transcended into the realm of magic. For a time, the outside world had vanished. All that was left was sound, and emotion. It was truly, and in every way, a great work of art.

My thanks to the Utah Symphony and their program introducing art and magic into the auditoriums of our schools, and into the hearts of our children. #symphonyofmagic

D.B. Flint