Strange Happenings

Interesting thing happened to me tonight. An individual on one of the sites I regularly contribute to posed a question. One that I chose to answer. Funny thing, when I read my answer, it didn’t sound much like something I would say or write. Those of you who know me best will understand why this unsettled me. The question was asked, “Why do trashy people exist?” My usual repertoire of snide comments jumped to the forefront of my mind. Then for some reason I tried a different tack. It felt weird, unnatural even. In fact, I may even have to see a therapist after tonight. So you know the question, now here is the answer.

They exist in order to balance the amount of boorish snobs. Nature loves balance. People are people. In the world there is always someone that holds themselves in higher regard than others. Lawsuits have been filed, wars have been fought, questions have been asked.

Perhaps you should ask yourself what kind of person you are, and what others may think of your existence, rather than talking down about those who are different from you.

It takes all kinds to make the world go round. Every one of us just as screwed up as the next. Self reflection, can do wonders for the narcissist.

I think I (sob!) gave good advice. If  am turning into a millenial…all I ask is a quick death.