Writers Conference

I had the opportunity to attend a writers conference last week at Snow College. To any would be writers, or to any established writer, I would recommend attending one. I chose classes to help me become a better writer. There were the standard classes one would expect to find, writing a query letter, tips for writing, publishing and marketing. What I enjoyed the most was hearing first hand accounts from writers that have spent their lives writing and being rejected, but never giving up.

The last class of the day was a critique offered by a panel of writers and editors. An opportunity for anyone to have their first page read aloud, and then critiqued afterwards. I took the page from a new novel i’m writing. The copy was rough so I was prepared to get dinged on errors, which I did. It was insightful having my work read, and getting the response from a reader. Feedback from readers is a powerful tool. Use it. A good critique now and again is a very useful way to see the holes in your own work.

There is no mistaking that writing is hark work. I didn’t need a conference to tell me that. What I needed was that common ground, the advice from others that have been down the same road, found the same potholes, but persevered because they were passionate about their work. I came away with a better knowledge, and a binder full of notes. I can’t wait to incorporate many of the learned practices into my own writing.