Veterans Day

What does Veterans Day mean to you? There isn’t one country in the world, I dare say, not even a city in the world, that has not been effected by war. The first wars were conflicts of survival. The need to eat, to drink, to protect ones self and loved ones. A once primal instinct to survive, has now become a business orchestrated by political figures, indifferent to the lives of the soldiers they wield.

War is a tragic side effect of mankind’s lust for power. Countless lives lost in the name of greed and ego. A constant test to see who has the bigger stick. For any contest to end, one involved party must win. Likewise, in order to win, someone must lose. Such is the nature of conflict. But does anyone ever truly win in war? If so, at what cost? We may be powerless to stop war. We may be unable to help. The very least we can do is say thank you.

Veterans Day should be a reminder to us all. We should we pay our respects to the fallen. And, we should pay our respects to the living. There are men and women in the military, sacrificing their own lives so that the rest of us can sit home and Google, or Netflix and chill. It is the soldiers who defend your rights. It is the soldiers that protect your home.

It doesn’t matter what race, color, or nationality. The effects of war are a global epidemic. Take time, any time, be it a minute, or an hour. Take time to respect all those who fight, so you don’t have to.