My first Six Months Since I Graduated.

Graduating from college is a noteworthy feat at any age. I am proud to say I had the will and determination to see it through. At times I had given up. Decided that there was no way that a degree would change the outcome of my life. But I kept my pessimism to a minimum and finished anyway. Now here I am, several months later. I have since moved on from college to working part-time jobs to make rent. No prominent writing career. no Pulitzer prize award. My life has remained the same, only I quadrupled my debt with student loans. Well now what? Being an introverted pessimist has its bad sides. I thought when I was finished with my degree, things would be looking up. And they are, but I am still looking up from the bottom.

I don’t write this saying that I was wrong in my pursuit of an education, nor in my career choice. What I am saying is, that I’m still here. Everyday I spend working on my novels, submitting queries and applying for work. No, I’m not making money writing. The difference between then vs. now, is that I am writing. Before it was a hobby. Now it is my life, paid or not. Nobody starts at the top. They start in the same place I did.

To be taken serious as a writer, I need to prove that I am one. The only way to do that is by putting my head down and shaking off the rejection letters and job turn downs and know that one day, persistence will pay off and I will get paid for my craft. This blog is to tell you all, do not give up on your dreams Do not let life tell you that you can’t do something. Be strong. Be persistent and follow your dreams. Not all dreams come true, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop chasing them.

D.B. Flint