Get Out Of That Slump!

I’ve had to tell myself the same thing a lot lately. Winter is a depressing time for me so it can be difficult to keep motivated to write. It has helped keep me in line always working on my daily number goal. Although even that has changed slightly. I am midway through the rewrite of the first draft of my latest book. Cleaning up my own mistakes can be trying. I think, I already wrote it once. Now I have to do it again? That’s just the way it works. I’ve not found any major plot holes yet. But there is some terrible writing.

The book currently sits at just over 62,000 words. It’s been interesting to see how my writing has changed day by day. I can tell the time I struggled because my writing is choppy and many times repetitive. The times where I was on point the story flows well but is often full of minor mistakes where my brain and finger speed weren’t in sync. When the writing is good I tend to have long sessions of getting the story down, knowing that I’ll fix it later.

Then there are times I’m not sure it was me writing it at all. Not only have my moods changed when I write, but I also notice that the characters in my story also tend to change moods right along with me. I have started looking for these changes more and more as I push on through the revision. Just for fun I try to remember, if I can, what may have been going on in life at the time of the first draft. It has given me a different perspective on my own work, and helped me up and out of the slump, because in a way, it’s like reading a new book, or writing a new story.

When you do your own rewrites and you feel yourself getting off task, find a way to make it easier for you. Creative writing should be fun. So be creative in your rewriting as well. Find a way to get out of the slump and back at the keyboard. Sooner or later we all need a different perspective to help us through.