Christmas Writing Prompts


Very few holidays are more imaginative than Christmas.  For a creative writer there is no limit on things you can write about. From the smallest child to the oldest adult, Christmas spirit is contagious. We celebrate, we sing, we gather together for feasts and parties.  Is Santa coming? were you naughty, or nice? Christmas affects us all in one way or another. To get you in the Christmas spirit, here are a few writing prompts to help. Write your own Christmas story and share it.

Personification: the act of giving human traits, such as feelings and thoughts, to inanimate objects. Write a story from your Christmas trees point of view.

Each year Santa gives a child a baby reindeer to raise. That child has one year to teach the reindeer everything it needs to know about Christmas. Write a story from the perspective of the child, or the reindeer.

What do you think Santa’s elves do on their day off?

Create your own version of T’was the Night Before Christmas.

Replace Santa with your favorite actor or actress. How would it change Christmas?