This Year For Christmas

Christmas, it’s here, a right miserable time,

The world’s biggest example of organized crime.

I hate all the noise, as well as the crowds.

So many together should not be allowed.

The presents, the parties, the paper, the bows,

The fat man in line that steps on your toes.

Then there’s the money, and how it gets spent,

All of it wasted, every last copper cent.


Gifts that are given, gifts that are gotten,

We check off the list, so no one’s forgotten.

What happened to spirit, what happened to joy.

What happened to magic, for girl and for boy?

Rudolph the red, and Santa the jolly,

Trees wrapped in popcorn, and halls full of holly.

It no longer matters, one’s naughty or nice,

The thing that’s important, a tag, with a price.


This year for Christmas, let’s try a new tack,

Let’s all work together, to bring Christmas back.

Forget all the money, and pretentious crap,

Forget all boxes, we’ve still yet to wrap.

Let’s think about family, and friends that are dear,

Let’s celebrate loved ones, both far and those near.

This year for Christmas, I’ll treasure one thing,

The joy, that only a family can bring.


With all of your quirks, and strange dispositions,

We all get together, regardless conditions.

Gingerbread houses, and grandmas burned rolls,

Cookies with frosting, and candy filled bowls.

Stringing up lights, and trimming the tree,

Stories of Christmas, upon grandpa’s knee.

You can’t put a price, on the value of family,

So let’s make this Christmas, the best that it can be.


This is the year, I’m doing my best,

To love all the good, and ignore the rest.

My wife and my daughter, my little dogs too,

My mother and father, the in-laws…you too.

My beautiful nieces, and a nephew, or two.

My brothers and sisters, let me not forget you,

Merry Christmas my family, I hope you’ll all see,

That I wrote this poem, just so you’d think about…ME.


Love you all, Merry Christmas.