Making Realistic Resolutions

The first of the new year. Let me be honest, I’m a pessimist. Just because the calendar year has changed, doesn’t mean I have found some new glorified outlook on life so I better get busy setting unrealistic goals. Who needs that kind of pressure? But, in the spirit, as little as I am, I will share the two goals I have set for myself. I can’t really call them resolutions as they are the same goals I will have regardless what the year. So, onward.

My goals always involve writing to some degree. I have just finished the first edit of my new book, so naturally, it’s time to set that one aside for a couple months and begin a new project. Goal number 1: finish rough draft of new book by June. If you are a Stephen King fan, he advises that no first draft should take more than three months. But let’s face it, he’s been doing this a lot longer than I have. Six months is a realistic goal for me.

Goal number 2: I am going to go through and run another edit on my first three books and do a rerelease in order to help promote the coming of book number 4. This will require more work than I care to think about, but I think as we hone our craft, we can constantly make improvements. The publishing world is brutal. A well-polished manuscript has better odds of getting a second glance over one that is written on a whim with no regard for the end result.

Goal number 3: Third and final goal is too broad to put into a single goal. Let’s call it the Heinz 57 goal. With the rerelease of books 1 to 3, I will avidly seek to publish. Book 4 can stand on its own, but I will be pitching the whole series. More is better, right? I will also be doing the rewrite of my new novel to be written by June.

Man…seems like a lot of writing doesn’t it. It is, when you consider how many thousands of words are going to be racing from my keyboard. I stress though that these are realistic goals. This is something I can easily manage barring some life debilitating injury. (Knocking on wood). It is important to not over reach. Ambition is good if you set goals that are attainable. You set your sites too high, you will be overcome with the pressure and start passing off crappy work when you know you can do better.

If you’re going to take the time to write, make sure you write it well. I like that…should be a bumper sticker or something. (copyright, Me)

D.B. Flint