Fun Writing Prompt

Some stories are so obscure that you can’t help but wonder if they’re true. A search of a derelict storage unit in “the middle of nowhere” Utah, yielded explosive results. The contents locked inside had been stored for an unknown amount of years. There is no idea how they got there, or where they’re from. Imagine the surprise if you are the one that opens up a foot locker containing military grade missiles and grenades. This a small town! Mayberry on steroids would be pushing it. Unaware if any of the explosives were live, they were treated as if they were, and transported a safe distance from residences where they were soon detonated. The townsfolk, blissfully unaware of the event, were shocked with three explosions. The shockwaves rattled old ladies’ bones and set teeth a chattering as they were felt several miles away. The thunderclap it created could be heard as far as 20 miles away.  FB_IMG_1515666967905

How great of a writing prompt is that? Even the picture showing the munitions is a story in itself. Proof of the crazy that sometimes comes into our lives. Check out the picture, write a short story. How will they be discovered? How will they be used? Will they be discovered in a similar way, just by chance? Perhaps your story will have them gifted as part of a will. Handed down for a specific purpose. Will your character fulfill the wishes of his dead heir if it means using those weapons? A never-ending list of fun. Write it, share it.

You are welcome to share your own stories here, or give me a link to your site so I can share it here with the link to your page.