What interest do writers pick, and how do you know that’s your calling in life?

I was asked this question. This was my response. Do you think I was right?

It’s not a calling, it’s a decision. There is no red pill or blue pill. No lines on the palm. No roll of the dice. It isn’t chance, it’s choice. Writing is something I always enjoyed doing. More than that, I found that when I wrote, people paid attention. So I made the choice to work really hard at living poor.
There are different levels of writing and writers. There are some writers that do seem to have a gift of the word. Make no mistake though, they had to work hard to attain their success. They worked regular jobs while writing on the sidelines. Late nights after work. 30 minutes here or there on lunch breaks, or a scratch pad in the bathroom. Hours were spent trying to perfect their craft in the hopes of living the dream.
As far as material, we write what we relate to. There have always been great storytellers. The ability to weave words in a way as to capture the attention of the intended audience. My own stories mimic pieces of my childhood that were memorable. Sometimes I write the stories of others from first-hand knowledge. Everywhere you look there is a story happening around you. Even as you read this, there is the story of me clacking away on the keyboard at 2 am., in the hopes that my words will somehow inspire you to write.
Everyone has a story to tell. Not everyone has the ability to put it on paper. You can’t teach talent, but you can teach good habits. So, don’t let the success of talented authors sway you if you can’t copy their success. If you want to be a writer, make the conscious decision to become one. Then put in the hard work required to make it a reality. Write, day and night, when you’re not writing, think about writing.

How successful you are, well…that’s on your shoulders.

D.B. Flint



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