Getting Creative With Short Stories

I’ve challenged myself this year to keep a running blog of stories, or memories that I wish to share with my daughter. She recently had an opportunity to be involved in a photo shoot dressed as a bride. The beauty of the shoot was that the photographers that paid to come to take pictures didn’t know she and her friend were going to be dressed in Steampunk fashion. This is one reason I have neglected my blog.

It is no secret to those who know me that I have a lot of fun making costumes for my girl. This photo shoot gave me another opportunity to do so. Since she was small we would dress up together for Halloween.  We even won a costume contest once; I dressed like the scurvy pirate Captain Hook, and she dressed like the lovely Tinker Bell. The Steampunk bride costume not only gave me another chance to have my daughter play dress up, but it also gave me an idea for a short story that is currently in the works. It has just taken longer than I expected. It is strange the way inspiration can strike. I have no idea how to write anything about Steampunk, but what fun would it be if we always knew how things were going to turn out?

Similar to making a costume, a story starts with an idea. The as a writer, or designer, it is my job to slowly build on that idea, to take nothing, and turn it into something amazing. Small touches here or there, make each one unique. The beauty of creative writing is that there are no limitations. Just like making costumes, I have always enjoyed writing short stories for my daughter. She was the first one I ever wrote anything for. In the most literal way, she is what made me decide to pursue writing.

Keep following and I will soon have a picture or two to post, along with the story I am having so much fun writing. If I can ever finish. I decided that when it is finished, I will publish it so she will always have a copy in her hand, along with her photos.

Next time you need a project, or are struggling with writer’s block, grab a picture that means something to you, or someone else. Write a story about it. Not a journal entry, but a real story. Then publish it through a self-publishing company and get a printed copy. Not only do you make a lasting memory, but it’s also a shameless way to get your writing into the hands of more readers.