Independence Day

Of all the holidays we celebrate, independence day is perhapse the most important. Most of the year, freedom is a word, like so many others that get batted around in a average conversation. We tend to only pay attention to freedom when it’s brought into question.

A couple hundred years ago times were very different. Freedom was an idea, a dream in the hearts of men. It wasnty bantied around, but instead whispered in the back alleys, behind shuttered windows and locked doors. To speak of freedom was treasonous and therefore punishable by death. To some, fredom was worth risking everything for. It was worth living for, and in the case of countless young men, freedom was worth dying for.

The same freedom we take for granted today is a gift from the men and women who have paid in blood so l can write this. The same freedom you have to read it, or not.

At the days end we celebrate with fireworks, bombs, sent soaring into the night sky as we raise our hands to our hearts and pledge our allegiance to the flag, to God, and to our great nation. When the stars and sripes are raised, l try to remember how much the flag and the word freedom meant to those who were there at the beggining. Those who turned treason into truth. Turned a dream into a reality so l can stand proud and enjoy the freedom that they gave everything for. God bless America.