About Me


D.B. Flint is a self-published young adult novelist currently working on his first full length science fiction novel. His love of adventure movies as a kid helped to cultivate his ideas for books. D.B. wants to bring the audience into the story with quirky characters whom everyone can relate to. Witty dialogue and bad jokes are likely to accompany the reader every step of the way, from post-war revolution, to simulating life in laboratory.

When not sitting behind the keyboard, D.B. is likely to be found knee deep in the crystal clear waters of a mountain stream casting flies to hungry fish. D.B. is an avid fly-fisher and plans to use his experiences on the water to help gain a foothold in the field of outdoors magazines and journals.

D.B. Flint began on his pathway to be a writer at Snow College where he soon found a love for writing. He was published twice in the college journal “Weeds” for two of his essays. Now, soon to be graduate of the creative writing program at Southern New Hampshire University, D.B. is looking forward to a career in writing. An understanding of the importance of education, D.B hopes to one day give back by teaching creative writing at the college level.

D.B. Flint’s future goals include becoming a published author on two different platforms: one being short stories and articles, the other would be to publish a novel. His targeted audience will be just as diverse, reaching out to outdoor enthusiasts and young people alike to share my passions in life. His first goal is to seek representation from an agent to get his writing in the hands of publishers along with submitting to publishers that welcome submissions.