Writing the perfect Blog. Shall I be funny or witty? Shall I be true to myself and beliefs? Should I try not to offend someone? Will anyone read it? A multitude of good questions without any right or wrong answers. Because the truth is, I like to be sarcastic and funny, I have strong beliefs and guaranteed at some point, someone will be offended. But that’s the nature of the beast isn’t it…to put ourselves out there on a hook and see what bites? So with that in mind, lets me see what kind of mischief I can create. First off let us begin with a day in the life of me.

It is a balmy 27 degrees Fahrenheit, that means it’s cold, and I am hard at work replacing a heater on a hot tub. When I try to get up I notice that my pant leg has frozen to the ground where it had been touching the water. Obviously not something that happens on a daily basis so it gave me pause. What kind of story could come of such a situation? Imagine had the owners been home to witness me being frozen to the concrete. What kind of response would they have? Maybe they would have laughed, stopped to grab the camera, perhaps offer to help me. Then I started to think of a homeless man on a cold night, so cold that when he woke, he found he was frozen to the ground and unable to move.

This is one of the ways I find inspiration for writing. Not every idea comes to fruition, but it is important to always keep your mind thinking because you never know when inspiration might strike.